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Viotia, Greece

Main products: raw cotton, grain, cottonseed and cottonseed oil.


Komotini, Greece

AVGI LTD is one of the largest export companies in Greece, exporting ginned cotton globally.

The company has been operating on the cotton ginning and trade sector for the last 16 years, having by its side reliable associates and executives whose actions reflect its values.

Its vision it to be important to its customers and build long term and mutually beneficial relations of trust with validity and reliability. Customer’s satisfaction is AVGI's cornerstone of growth and measure of success who should earn both quantitative and quality results.

With respect to the farmer and his products, the company gives its best to catch the best possible productive year and achieve the best area performance with a unique Agriculturist Team available any time for your services, by giving advices and visiting often their cultivations from the seeding period, to the lubrication until the harvest.

The Agricultural Supplies store provides:

  1. Seeds
  2. Pesticides: Pesticides and insecticides
  3. Fertilizers: Basic Lubrication, Surface, Foliar Fertilization.










Sevilla, Spain

Las Marismas de Lebrija Co-operative, S.C.A. was officially established on September 13, 1979 in response to the needs of new farmers, who were beginning a farming career in the newly distributed plots of the B-XII Sector in the Lower Guadalquivir irrigable area (14,100 hectares). Farm workers (labourers) from Lebrija and other geographical areas of the Lower Guadalquivir were part of this group.

The entity started as a service co-operative, but soon after decided to enter the agribusiness sector and leverage the main crop in the area, i.e. cotton. In 1984, it opened a cotton ginning plant. In 1986, the ginning plant was expanded, both in terms of storage (18,000 square metre facility) and ginning capacity. The cotton processed and marketed by Las Marismas de Lebrija is currently supplied by farmers from 5 large, local co-operatives, who founded COALSA (Colectivo Algodonero del Sur de Andalucía S.L.) in 2009.

The raw cotton harvested at the company members’ farms is ginned to obtain top-quality fibre that is then pressed into 220-kg bales for use as raw material to produce yarn.
Following the ginning and packing process, the bales are sorted into 100 unit batches according to market tradition and the instructions of the quality control laboratory.

In addition to cotton fibre, ginning also produces other by-products such as seed, which is sold in bulk for livestock feed, and linter, which is sold to the textile and paper industry.

Marketing is carried out through COLECTIVO ALGODONEROS DEL SUR DE ANDALUCÍA S.L., a company founded by Cooperativas Agrarias del Bajo Guadalquivir.





Komotini, Greece

The company EKKOKKISTIRIA THRAKIS S.A. was founded in 1996 aiming to make productive usage of prime quality seed cotton grown in the fields of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The plant facilities are located within the Industrial Area of Komotini on 17.3 acres of land and cover 16.500 sq. meters.

The company's production unit is rated as one of the most up-to-date and technologically advanced ginning mills worldwide. The manufactured products, processed cotton, cotton seed and by products gin motes, are traded in the Greek and the international market.

The company's commitment to satisfy the customer's quality demands and raise its service standards accounts for the constant scanning, monitoring and improvement in the quality of the cotton products, constributting, in parallel, to the general amelioration of the textile production chain.

The operation of the ginning machinery and the ginning production parameters are monitored and calibrated constanly, through a fully computerized system wich employs an innovative software currently in use by only seven ginning mills woldwide.

The production machinery is technologically advanced and includes:

  • 6 unloading units receiving of seet cotton.
  • 4 ginning stands Continental Eagle with 161 saws.
  • 1 hydraulic press Magnum 930.
  • A by-product processing unit producing gin motes.

The plant's daily production capacity is significant:

  • Receiving: 1.500 tons of cotton seed.
  • Ginning: 700 tons of cotton seed.
  • Bales of cotton: 1.000 weighing 222 kilos each.
  • Cotton seed: 370 tons.
  • Gin Μotes: 150 tons yearly.



Cordoba, Spain

Eurosemillas SA, with locations in the centre of Spain's major cotton-growing areas, has operated in the cotton industry for more than 40 years now, reaching a 20% market share of domestic production.

The company has 3 cotton ginning plants (Las Cabezas de San Juan, Ecija, Sumbe) adding up to 5 processing lines and a capacity of 3,500 tonnes per day. It also works with a fibre quality control laboratory of its own.

Its industrial facilities extend over a 706,000 sq.m. wide area and are located in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Africa.




Veroia, Greece

G & P Cotton Ginners S.A. company is mainly oriented in exports and its basic activity is the industrial processing (ginning) and trading of cotton along with the trading and production of cotton’s gin motes.

Furthermore, since 2012, the company invests in new fields of trading such as durum wheat, soft wheat and barley.

G & P Cotton Ginners is a highly export oriented company (exports more than 90% of its products), with constant growth rates.

The President and CEO of the company, Mr. Nikolaos Ousoultzoglou, has been the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Prefecture of Imathia from 2007 to 2017. Prodromos Ousoultzoglou, the firstborn son of Nikolaos Ousoultzoglou and George Ousoultzoglou, the second son of Nikolaos, are both Executive Directors in the company.















Giannitsa, Greece

Giannitsa Ginning Mills S.A. was founded in 1994. Till now the company continues its anodic course, with successive investments for improving the quality of its products.

The company's primary installations are located at 1st kilometer of the Ν. Pella - Goumenissa road and covers 14.419 sq.m. in an area of 52.466 sq.m. in total.

Giannitsa Ginning Mills dispose two engine-houses, consisting of four ginning machines each. The supply capability of the engine-houses can reach up to 450 tone of teased cotton per twenty-four-hour, with overall production capability reaching 162 tones of ginned cotton and 220 tones of cottonseed per day.





Athens, Greece

Hellenic Cotton Exports (HECOT S.A.) is a historical cotton brokerage firm in Greece representing some of the most recognized and reliable international cotton firms.

The company was established in 1989, while roots of its founders, in cotton business, start in 1958. Hecot is settled in the Greek capital, Athens and apart from lint cotton, is steadily growing its presence in durum wheat trading and cotton seeds exports for oil crushing mills or animal feed.

In its core activity, which is the lint cotton exports, the company handles about 30-35,000 tons (about 12-15% share of the total Greek exports) bringing the most consistent and reliable ginners and international merchants together.

In the fields of durum wheat Hecot S.A. handles about 25-30,000 tons yearly by supplying either big domestic pasta producers, or exporting to famous international grain merchants.






Athens, Greece

IZALCO was established in 2011 by John A. Zachmanidis to continue his valuable family tradition.

During these years, the company has handled big volume export operations to all major cotton importing countries of the world.

International merchants, reliable local cotton traders and first class spinners of the Mediterranean and the Far East are among IZALCO's loyal satisfied customers.

The company produces and exports raw cotton, cotton by-products (such as cotton combers, cotton spinning wastes and cotton gin motes suitable for open end spinning or for bleaching and hydrophilization) and cotton seeds.

Its products are exported to over 25 countries. The major traditional export markets are Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh, Spain and other Mediterranean countries.


Karditsa, Greece

The company owns and operates a ginning factory in Karditsa, Thessaly, Greece, and an oil mill factory in Schimatari, Boeotia, Greece.

It is one of the oldest in its field in Greece, and during the last 50 years it has developed among its international and domestic clients a reputation for consistent quality of its products unmatched in Greece.

The company is also very proud to have never broken a contract in its entire history. It has never failed to deliver a contract's product however much prices might have changed from the time of the contract signatures to the delivery time.

The company ships and delivers worldwide and guarantees that the delivered products will be of a uniform quality, consistent with the one agreed upon.













Thessaloniki, Greece

Karagiorgos S.A. was founded in 1951 and its main occupation is cotton ginning, the production of cotton-seed oil and cotton pie.

The company is within the largest companies of the market.

In 2000 the company conquered the first place in profits among 80 companies of ginning, with profits 3.2 million euros.

At 2003 it took the first position in profits within 57 companies with 2.8 million euros.

The product activities of the company embrace industrial units all over the main cultivating land of cotton in Greece.

The investments that took place the last 3 years for the manufacture and extension of the industrial units, with main purpose, to cover the increasing production of the cotton in Greece, exceed 17.6 million euros.








Komotini, Greece

Petsas SA was established in 1983 in Komotini from Mr Dimitrios Petsas. The company followed a very fast development in the textile field, focussing on high quality with the lowest production costs and management excellence especially through the commitment of Mr Petsas. The first year had a turnover of 161.400 euros and now has a turnover of 35.000.000 euros.

Petsas SA is a vertical integrated company with the following production units:

  • Ginning mills with capacity of collection 15-20.000.000 kgr seed cotton every season.
  • Spinning mill with 14.000 spindles and 10.000 kgrs of production every day in different cotton yarn counts.
  • Knitting mill with 100 knitting machines of many types and fabric production capacity of 12.000 kgrs every day.
  • Elastic band department and accessories for underwear production.5. Cutting department with BRB machine and trained staff.
  • Sewing department for underwear and outerwear, athletic for men, women and children. Production capacity of 1.200.000 pcs per month.

Its products are exported in all European community countries, in USA, Switzerland and Norway as well.

The group of companies PETSAS SA established on 1998 in Bulgaria a sewing company called PTSELA EOOD, 2 factories in Kardjali and Benkofski with 400 people staff. In Northern Greece, Thrace has 500 employes . The group is known in garment sector for the quality of products, reliability and confidence that its customers are showing for many years.

The company products can be found in its 8 retail shops DIMA SA in all Greece with company central offices in Athens.



Axarnai, Greece

The company was founded in 1970, by Donta's brothers, Christos, Charalampos, Elias, Michael and John. The first production unit of cotton yarns was established at Farsala, Cental Greece. Within 30 years its capacity exceeded all expectations, leading the company to levels which classify it among the largest and henceforth profitable Greek Yarn Textiles Industries.

Since then the company has demonstrated rapid rythms of growth, which have strengthened its presence in to the market. Furthermore, it became the largest domestic investor in the textiles sector.

The company's working field includes a wide range of activities, from seeding to final elaboration and selling of all yarn types and counts. The products of the company are seeded cotton, cotton yarns ecrou, combed, carded, dyed, gazed-mercerized, seeding and filature cotton by-products, etc.

Selected Textile Industries Assotiation is distinguished for its completely integrated production line and its latest technology equipment. The sales of the company are mainly export oriented as the 70% of its production is exported.

At the same time, the strategic zoning place of the company's production units, which are located in the largest cotton production area of Central Greece, is one of the most comperative advantages, which preserves the adecedence as far as the preference of the producers is concerned, during the period of raw matterials' purchacing, namelly raw cotton.

The company deals with:

  • the ginning of seed cotton
  • the production of yarns
  • the dyeing and the treatment of yarns

The ginning is made with selected quality of seed cotton, which is controlled by the quality system of the company, so as to achieve the desirable qualitative level of production of yarns.

More than 70% of the ginning production is used by the company, and the rest is allocated in the interior and abroad, at percentage which is determined market conditions.

The production of yarns constitutes the basic activity of the company. The 70% to 75% are pennie yarns and the rest are carded.

The produced yarns are ecrou, dyed, single, twisted and gazed merserized, covering a wide range of products and giving the company flexibility concerning the marketing of its products and its pricing policy. The 70% of the production is exported and the rest is sold in the internal market.








Serres, Greece

Cotton ginning company, located in Northern Greece (Iraklia, Serres).



Komotini, Greece

Cotton Industry Six Alpha SA was founded in 1994 and began its operation at the same year. Founders and main shareholders are Bros PIATIDIS, eminents civil engineers, owners of the construction company ALEXANDROS with long time and successful presence at public constructions.

Cotton Industry Six Alpha main activity is the process of cotton seed and selling all of cotton produced products.

On 1998 was completed the construction of a modern seed-oil factory and started to operate. Cotton Industry Six Alpha expanded its activities to the stages of production and selling cotton-seed oil and cotton cake.

The company is constitute by 35 workers as the main staff but at the time of the process of the cotton the main staff is constitute by 200 workers.

At the time of its operation, Cotton Industry Six Alpha has to show a significant presence at protogenic agricultural field with a main priority to give complete services and informations to cotton producers and to cover all the stages of cotton production.

All products are canalized mainly to national market but also important is the exported activity of the company.

The company's main interest is the continued improvement of the quality of its products to meet the national and international standards.









Komotini, Greece

THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA is located in northeastern Greece, just outside the city of Komotini, capital city of Rodopi in Thrace, 280 kilometres from Thessaloniki and close to Greece’s borders with Turkey and Bulgaria.

The Company was founded by the families Kouroudis and Kitsios and began to function in 1972. In 1985 it became an S.A.
Over the past several years, THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA has enjoyed substantial growth and nowadays it is included among the top 100 most profitable Greek companies.

As do all Greek ginning mills, the company buys seed cotton from local growers and sells the raw cotton for its own account.

THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA developed in the last 45 years particular relations with particular spinning mills and trade houses. Thus the company is shifting from the mass production to a production, which is gradually adapted to the requirements of the customers.


Larissa, Greece

The roots of Violar S.A. in cotton business go back in 1955 and are closely connected with the dawn of mechanical cultivation in Greece. It was our devotion to our customers and our eminence to quality control that placed us high in the marketplace and set the bases of a flourishing course. Expertness in cotton ginning and grains and the provision of totally reliable supplying services have reserved us a special position among other suppliers of raw cotton and grains around the globe.

In 1955, the four brothers, Anastasios, Dimitrios, Ilias and Constantinos Markou, started ginning cotton in the already established Livadia area’s facilities.

In 1969 the cotton seed oil factory was inaugurated only to be followed by the cotton gin in 1978, both in Livadia area.

By 1994 the second ginning mill started operating in Achilleio, Larissa, so that Markou Bros can reach and serve the farmers-suppliers of the plains where more than half of Greek cotton is produced.

In 2004 Violar S.A. acquired another facility, a previously state-owned silo and warehouse complex in Velestino-Volos, expanding their trading capabilities, since the new complex can facilitate, preserve, manage and efficiently distribute all of its products.

Main products: raw cotton, cotton seed, grains (wheat, corn, barley, oats).